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Services Overview

Brandon is first and foremost a creator of designs for branding, marketing, and/or advertising purposes. Websites... brochures... postcard mailers... all fall into these categories. Brandon is best utilized by organizations with frequentt design needs (weekly or monthly), but not frequent enough that they want to hire a fulltime employee.

Primary Services

  • Web Design:
    creation of websites designed with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and minor amounts of backend programming (PHP). Brandon provides the design as well as programming service. His specialty has become designing responsive websites (using Bootstrap as a starting point typically) that resize and reconfigure to fit phones, tablets, and computer screens. Having a responsive website prevents you from having to have a separate mobile website.
  • Print Design:
    anything that will need to be printed — brochures, direct mail post cards, flyers, posters, and more. Brandon knows everything there is to know about designing just about anything that is printed.
  • Email Marketing:
    creation of email blasts like you see the big brands send out. Brandon provides the design, but you'll need to send them out using Constant Contact or whichever service you choose to use. Brandon doesn't have employees to do those sorts of tasks.
  • Graphic Design:
    logos, vector artwork, edited/retouched photos, digital illustrations, and more. Brandon is extremely skilled at correcting photos in Photoshop.
  • Packaging Design:
    any kind of packaging, whether it be hang tags, stickers, boxes, labels, etc. Brandon doesn't specialize in prototyping untested packaging that folds to create boxes and other 3D shapes however.
  • Advertising Design:
    nearly any advertisement that will be printed or static on the web. This includes ads placed in magazines, newspapers, billboards, outdoor ads (ex: bus stop vinyl stickers), etc.
Brandon provides consultation at the beginning of each new project with each new client. However, if you're looking for the opinion of a design professional without having Brandon provide you his design services, he is happy to provide you his professional opinion on the work of your current (or past) designer's work for your business. Sometimes it can really help to have a second opinion, and have someone versed in the language test your site's navigation and do other testing.

Supplemental Services

If you are in the Dallas area, Brandon can refer you to an excellent photographer. Brandon knows experienced photographers with vast portfolios covering portraits, corporate photos, automotive/vehicle photography, events, product shots (yes, even of food), and more. Brandon can even direct you to a nice family photographer!
Printing of brochures and other items in the print category is no problem! If you don't want to deal with the printing other than paying for it, Brandon will act as your agent, and deal with all of the dirty work himself.
Branding your business is what sets you apart from your competitors and keeps customers coming back. It's more than just having a nice logo and a business card. For larger projects, branding is often a strong component already included in Brandon's design services.
Publication/Editorial Art Direction
Publications need to be refreshed from time to time with a fresh "look" and set of guidelines/rules. Magazines, newspapers, and newsletters can all be refreshed with the way the content is handled. Have Brandon redesign the look and feel of your publication and give it that new pub smell!