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"Graphic design" can be a difficult term. Depending on the context, it can cover virtually any of the items in my portfolio, or can refer to only the creation of a singular visual item.

"Graphic design" in my portfolio covers situations in which the design created went on something else. Logos, retouched photos, illustrations, branding, etc. all fall into this category.

The Ferrari Club of America, South Central Region needed a new logo and other forms of branding that didn't involve official Ferrari trademarks such as the Ferrari logotype and cavallino. What I came up with is a stylized form of one of Ferrari's latest models, the 458 Italia.

The logo has received extremely high praise.

RHS's old ads were weathered and far too small for such a large van. I designed HUGE 80x23 inch decals for the sides of the van, resembling panoramic windows with pets in them. For the rear, cut vinyl decals. The pets were specifically scaled to be life size and had to be photoshopped extremely carefully. Their fur had to blend into the background (and each other) properly or it'd look cheap and tacky.

To see a closeup of the pets, click here.

A graphic was necessary to go with a front page story titled "Writing America's sports tragedy: John Sparks tells his side of the SMU death penalty story."

The article was about the NCAA giving SMU the death penalty, banning SMU's football team from playing the entire 1987 season.

The graphic was made entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

The original photo was crooked, unnaturally colored, and full of noise (grain). The faculty member's suit had a wrinkled lapel, buttons that weren't buttoned, and wrinkles throughout. All of these problems were fixed in my version after making extensive corrections. I also recolored his shirt and tie to make him pop.

To see a closeup, click here.

A special logo was created to appear on the plaques given to each of the NFL Hall of Fame inductees (Michael Irvin, Gene Hickerson, Bruce Matthews, Charlie Sanders, Thurman Thomas, and Roger Werhli).

This marked the 20th year in a row that Haggar provided the special goldenrod colored jackets to the Hall of Fame inductees, and the plaques deserved something special to commemorate it!

This was part of a personal project I did for fun to celebrate Halloween.

I dressed up like Wolverine from the X-men movies and staged an amateur photoshoot in my garage using the automatic timer on my point and shoot camera. After extreme photo retouching (changing out parts like arms from other shots, color correcting, etc.), the photos turned out pretty decent.

To celebrate The Tin Lizzie Affair's 35th year in business, I designed a special logo.

My inspiration came from car emblems and the wheel of a Ford Model T.

For the Halloween issue of The Daily Campus, a special Halloween themed masthead was created. The color scheme of the entire issue was orange, dark purple, and black to match the design.

The response to it was very positive! Students enjoyed seeing the Halloween issue given a unique look and feel.

This portrait was made as a gift to Adam and Saralyn Parente to commemorate their wedding.

It was drawn in the style of DragonBall Z and each individual color and shape was drawn and shaped in Adobe Illustrator.

These were printed as 11x14 posters, 4x6 photos, and wallet sized photos.