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Advertising is what builds your business, maintains your current clientele, and continues to bring you new customers! In the made up example on the left, I wanted to demonstrate a clear brand attitute.

My main advertising services are creative—art direction (design) and short copywriting.

For over 85 years, Fellowes has made the best records storage boxes available.

Ads were created to convince people to use these specialty boxes for their documents rather than just using free boxes they've repurposed.

This was an 83x90 inch tradeshow background for Xyleme's booth I designed. All of the artwork was designed to print at 100% size at 300 DPI so it would not be blurry upon close inspection. Most artwork similar to this is designed at less than half the size, because it's a strain on the hardware and designer to work at such large sizes. For example, the "little" icons are more than 4 inches wide and the tablet is about 3 feet wide in real life.
Vitra's mission is to develop furniture that stimulates, inspires, and motivates, while offering the body comfort, safety, and support.

Ads were created to market the Home Collection to educated, urban 25 to 35 year olds seeking creative furnishings. The goal was to emphasize that Vitra furniture would solve their decorating problems and put them on the right path in life.

Colman's Mustard is widely recognized as THE English Mustard in the UK. It has a unique, flavorful heat to its piquant taste and is excellent when used as a spice, marinade, or condiment. Print ads were created to promote use of the product in the United States during the summer months.

This campaign won 3rd place at the Art Directors Club of Houston's 51st Annual Award Show.

These ads for Haggar Clothing Company were designed as vinyl decals to be applied to the doors on elevators inside Canadian department stores carrying the products.

In all, twelve different designs were made at two different sizes to account for different elevator door specs.

Adam Hallmark came up with the design concepts and I produced the production ready art.

Medieval Times is a theme restaurant with knights, horses, and entertainment. Not only do you eat, but you watch a live show full of action, noise, and excitement.

Similar to Disneyland, most families only visit the restaurant one time. Ads were created to remind past customers of the ironic fun they had.

Ads were huge woven tapestries with faux fur surrounding them, and were displayed overhead in shopping centers.

Jack FM is a popular radio station in the DFW Metroplex. They "play what they want" and have a very large and diverse playlist.

I drew and colored the concepts we presented to Jack FM. The theme behind each 3D animated billboard involved normal workers in their 30s to 50s rebelling against conformity because their old favorite song was on the radio again.

JDate has been helping Jewish singles find their significant others for more than a decade. JDate is similar to other large online dating networks, except they solely serve the Jewish community.

This was a challenge for me to copywrite and art direct as I'm not Jewish, but the ads were met with smiles and laughs.

Just For Men makes a hair dye for men to use on their beards, mustaches, and sideburns. Men who use this product are trying to look younger, because as they approach 40, their beards start to grow in gray.

I created a half page ad to promote the product by appealing to the target market's desire to hold onto their youth.