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Design Pricing Overview

For clients who only need one or two things designed at a time, Brandon can work based on a flat fee (fixed price). Web design, consultation, and certain larger projects are always billed at hourly rates however. For clients needing a number of things designed, for simplicity, Brandon prefers to work at hourly rates that last the entire year.

Projects are quoted based on complexity and the prices listed below are just loose estimates for fairly simple/average projects.

Design Budgeting Guide

These starting prices are only provided as estimates for your budgeting, and are in no way contractural fee structures. As stated above, all projects are quoted individually after the project has been discussed in detail and Brandon has a good idea of the complexity. Most projects are more expensive, some are much less. All prices are based on starting from nothing and ending with a finished design. Redesigns are not estimated in this budgeting guide. They are sometimes cheaper than the prices below, and are (of course) something Brandon does.

Brandon designs (and can design) many items not listed below, however these are the most common projects:

  • Graphic Design:
    logos at $450
  • Packaging Design:
    all packaging is around $550 for at least the first item in a series
  • Print Design:
    double-sided tri-fold brochures at $700
    brochures (the magazine/booklet type) at $850 but highly dependent on the number of pages and complexity
    brochure booklets more than 8 pages long are billed at an hourly rate of $65/hr
    single-sided direct mail/postcards at $400
    double-sided direct mail/postcards at $550
    single-sided flyers at $400
    double-sided business cards at $350
    single-sided business cards at $150
    anything else you'll need to ask me about
  • Advertising Design:
    all ads simply needing to be designed are around $450, but ones requiring Brandon's copywriting skills with or without a current campaign to base the ad(s) on will be at an hourly rate determined during quoting
  • Web Design:
    web design starts at $65/hr
    web programming starts at $85/hr
    both depend on complexity and the time deadline, particularly the programming fee.

    It's very rare a website is cheaper than $3,000 and I would highly recommend you have a budget around $5,000 minimum even if you think your site is going to be small and uncomplicated. Some of the custom enhancements you want designed or integrated can take much longer than the 5 minutes you might assume they will take to implement.

    Based on an industry survery, smaller business/corportate web sites typically cost $3,000 to $20,000 to build. The larger ones go up to and over $100,000.

Design Consulting Fees

Consultation is offered to both potential clients AND those just seeking consultation from an experienced, professional designer. Take note that one form of consultation below is free of charge.

  • Input, Tips, or Opinions:
    Those simply wanting input, tips, or opinions about their work from a professional designer pay $45/hr for phone or email consultation.
  • Help or Lessons:
    Those wanting help ("How do I do this?") or lessons ("Can you teach me how to use Photoshop, and how to do this?") pay $65/hr for step-by-step email consultation.
  • Free Consulation:
    Those who are potential clients will receive free consulation IF the contract is signed and Brandon begins designing your project. The "free" portion of consultation only applies to the portion that occurs before the contract is signed, not the time spent after signing the contract. Simply put, the time Brandon spends talking to you about your project, meeting with you, learning about your company, writing a proposal, and then writing a contract will not be charged to you if you sign the contract and have him do the work. These fees will be waived as a way of thanking you for following through with your decision to use Brandon's services. Free consultation is only for the project that you've contracted. Consultation for a different project is not considered free unless Brandon designs that project for you as well.
  • Back-Out Consultation:
    Those who are potential clients who decide not to follow through with having Brandon do their design work will be responsible for paying Brandon for a portion of his time spent discussing the project with them. The initial contact will always be free. The first meeting will always be free. What is not free is all the time spent after Brandon starts sharing his ideas for your project or starts coaching you on what to do to prepare for the project. These hours will be billed to you at a rate of $65/hr should you decide not to proceed with the project.

Design Discounts

Discounts are not normally given. However, non-profit organizations and individuals may receive discounts if Brandon is particularly interested in your organization or project's purpose.

Sales Tax

Businesses and individuals in the state of Texas will be charged Sales & Use Tax on design or programming projects. The state of Texas considers all of Brandon's services taxable, thus Brangeta Design Group is responsible for collecting 8.25% Sales & Use Tax on these projects and paying the state.

If your organization is exempt from Sales & Use Tax, you must provide a copy of the document to Brangeta Design Group.