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Design Process

Below is an overall guide to how Brandon works with new clients. This same process sometimes applies to all projects for large, corporate businesses and organizations, but not always smaller projects for individuals or sole proprietors.

  1. Initial contact --
    the proposed project will be discussed by email or phone.
  2. Introductions --
    a meeting with the potential client will take place in person or by telephone. Following this information gathering process, a proposal will be crafted and discussed (if necessary), and once agreed upon, an agreement will be created and signed.
  3. The Creative Brief --
    how Brandon learns about your company and what you want to accomplish with his help. For large projects, this will be very thorough, for small one-time-only projects, this can be very simple or skipped altogether. This is created after the meeting for Introductions.
  4. Concept Development --
    concepts/rough drafts/sketches will be made for your approval.
  5. Design --
    after a concept is approved, the design or refinement of the concept is started. For all but the most minor projects, a payment for work thus far is generally required at this milestone.
  6. Revisions --
    the design will go back and forth between Brandon and the client until the client is happy with and approves the design.
  7. Finalization --
    the design is cleaned up and prepared for production with every effort to ensure proper output.
  8. Final Approval --
    the client looks over finished design, and gives final approval. Payment for work thus far must be made before the design will go into production.
  9. Production --
    graphic, packaging, and advertising designs are emailed or uploaded, printed designs are sent to the printer or by email to client, and web designs are built, programmed, and uploaded.
  10. Revisions/Maintenance (Websites Only) --
    changes to the content, layout, or design of web sites will be discussed and made. Maintenance agreements are available, even on websites Brandon didn't design himself (if he can read the code).

Extra Information

Below is a bit of information important to the relationship between Brangeta and the client.


A contract will always be used except on the most minor of projects. Contracts are to protect the parties involved.


Payment requirements vary based on the project requested. However, there are general guidelines:

For all new projects, a deposit must be paid upon signing the contract before work will begin. This deposit will be approximately half the estimated cost of finishing the project for smaller projects. Payments for larger projects (such as web sites or lengthy brochures) will be required at regular intervals dependent on progress and elapsed time. The Production stage (mentioned in the process above) will not begin until all previous invoices have been paid in full.