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About Brandon

Hi, I'm Brandon Brown, and I'm a designer. Whether you label me as a graphic designer, marketing designer, web designer, or even art director, production artist, etc. it makes no difference to me. I began my career in graphics and photo retouching and expanded to web design and development.

I graduated from Southern Methodist University in December of 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising-Creative and Honors in Liberal Arts. Following graduation, during the horrible economy at the time, I freelanced and worked temp jobs as a designer under multiple job titles. Working for years like this made me comfortable being self-employed.

In February 2010, I decided to focus on my self-employment more seriously and began doing business as the Brangeta Design Group so I wouldn't just be another "Brandon Brown" lost in the crowd of people with the same name.

In 2014, my most frequent client (the Lyle School of Engineering at SMU) hired me part-time to work onsite, due to even more frequent needs.

On August 10, 2015, I began working as a full-time web developer for the University of Texas at Dallas. Brangeta Design still remains, though my availability has decreased. I no longer market myself, and simply continue doing infrequent jobs for a few of my existing clients.

In January 2019, I started pursuing my Master of Science in Management Science at UTD as a part-time student.