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Have you ever been to a car show or car museum and seen a display board next to a vehicle and wanted something similar for your car? Well it's time to satisfy that desire.

Displays by Brandon can be designed however you like, but there are three main styles that are popular: a collage of photos, a photo or two with the background fading down or background deleted, or just text in a nice font or in an old-school pinstriper style without any photos.

Click "Order Now" below and explain what you'd like the display to look like, with an idea of how much text and how many photos. Brandon will give you a ballpark estimate for the price. If the price sounds good, you will send the photos (click photo requirements below) and/or text to Brandon by email. The text needs to be exactly what you would like to appear on the display without any spelling errors. Keep in mind that you want people to be able to read the text from a few feet away, so you need to just focus on the key aspects you'd like to point out or the text will have to be small. Depending on how interesting your car is, people may not want to read a lot of text. Once Brandon has reviewed your text and photos, he will quote you the exact price that will be due before work begins.

20x30 is a nice size for a display; it fits in your trunk, it doesn't get caught in the wind like a sail too badly, and it doesn't cover up your entire car.

16x20 works best when displayed in your trunk, rear window, or even under your hood (warning: it's hot under there). The 16x20 poster is great for taking on the road with your car should you participate in a national car show or cruise like Hot Rod Power Tour.

Brandon will design the display to look how you'd like it and will send you an image to approve. After approval, it is printed and shipped.

Should you decide to have a poster reproduced that Brandon designed previously, you need only pay the cost of a second copy. All prices include shipping in the continental United States. Shipping to other locations is extra.

Displays are printed with a semi-glossy finish ensuring that the colors will not fade for years. These displays are not printed on the cheap, thin paper that mass-produced posters at stores are printed on. This paper is photographic and so nice and thick that framing or mounting is optional. When used outdoors, framing is recommended to keep the poster clean. You will receive your display in a mailing tube.

Framing and mounting are not available from the Brangeta Design Group. Why? Well, not only does it save you a massive amount on shipping (oversize fees and such), but it will be more convenient and cost effective for you to purchase your own frame at your local Target or other store than for Brandon to do so for you. If you want to mount it on foamcore or foam board, give it a shot! But many spray adhesives lose strength over time, especially in the heat of a car show.

Multiple posters can be mailed together, should you order more than one, with no additional shipping charges for quantities less than 5.

For residents in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area, photography is available at a price. Brandon will have a professional photographer travel to the location you'd like your car photographed at and take the photos needed to create the display.

*= Texas residents must pay sales tax.

**= Close-up photos of logos appearing on your actual car may be used if you provide the photos. Exact reproduction logos (that are not photographs) may need written permission from the copyright owner if you intend on publicly displaying the poster.

***= This shipping amount only applies if you live in the continental United States. International shipping is extra.

****= You will receive $10 off your order if the Brangeta Design Group logo and text are allowed to be tastefully integrated into the design of your display. The logo will normally be silver/white/chrome in appearance and normally placed low on the design. The text "For car display, emblem, decal, and poster design services visit www.brangeta.com" always appears on the top. See the "Gallery" for an example.

Photo Requirements
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